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Coastal Kids Holiday Program

Multi activity school holiday camp.
Heaps of fun on the water at Balmoral Beach, Chowder Bay and the bush in between.

From 7 years old to 14 years old,

December 2021/January 2022 
5 days Adventure packed camp 


Balmoral Water Sports and the Land’s Edge Foundation have joined forces to create the ultimate holiday program for your kids this summer. Come and explore the beautiful bays of Balmoral and uncover the historic secrets of Chowder Bay with qualified, experienced, and friendly staff. Groups will experience a journey in either direction from Chowder Bay to Balmoral. Two and a half days will be spent at each location participating in a range of exciting and engaging activities. 

Balmoral Water Sports and the Land’s Edge Foundation offer the following activities:


Balmoral Water Sports- Balmoral 




Stand Up Paddle Boarding 


Land’s Edge Foundation - Chowder Bay 




Scavenger Hunt 

Initiative Games 


Kite Making

Beach Games/ Sandcastle Competition

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Tackers in Term Time

Saturday & Sunday 
10am - 12 noon for 8 weeks during term

Tackers runs over 8 weeks during the school term, on both Saturday & Sundays. You can join the day that suits you best!


Tackers is a 3 step sailing program pathway that builds water and sailing confidence, with the aim to train kids to be competent sailors, where once completed, they have the opportunity to enter our Junior Sailing Program at Balmoral Sailing Club.


Each child enters the Tackers program in Tackers 1 (or little tackers if they are under 7) and moves through the Tackers pathway once they have completed the 8 weeks in each level. The progression is Little Tackers (not compulsory) to Tackers 1, Tackers 2 & Tackers coaching. Completion of each level of the program is essential to being competent to move onto the next. We never "fail" the children, they will always be permitted to progress forward at the end of each term. Our aim in Tackers is providing a safe learning environment & building water confidence!


All Tackers are starting sailing in small boats called Optimus. They are easy to handle & great introductory boats for kids of all ages. Our instructors are all RYA Dinghy Sailing qualified and have been endorsed and trained in delivering the Tackers course to kids by Australia Sailing. They deliver set content over the 8 sessions & aim to have the kids at the end of the term with a sound understanding of sailing & begining racing. With the hope to enroll them into the next term to continue onto the next progressive level of Tackers to improve their skills & further develop their level of sailing.


Once the sailor has reached Tackers Coaching & feels ready to take their sailing to the next level, they can enter the Junior Sailing Program with Balmoral Sailing Club. This is not compulsory, Tackers can stay in Tackers Coaching level for as long as they wish, they can repeat this group for several terms & will find they still learning new things every session. And we still encourage kids to progress forward as junior sailing focuses on preparing kids for racing & competitive sailing.        

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Active Kids


This term's dates are: Saturday 6 Feb - Sunday 28 Mar


This is an eight week term and we can't wait to get started. 

If you have your active kids voucher, please email it to us first for a discount voucher.

Little Tackers: Intro for 5-6yr olds, all experience levels
Tackers Level 1: Intro to sailing. 1st  or 2nd attendance
Tackers Level 2: 7-12 years, completed Tackers 1 twice
Tackers Coaching: 10 - 12 years, completed Tackers 2.

Racing For Kids

BSC Junior Sailing Program is ideally suited to kids who have completed our Tackers program or can sail around a course in moderate conditions.


Designed for Juniors Sailors aged 8+ who have a passion for sailing and would like to further develop their skills into Club racing.


The program runs on Saturday mornings from 9:30am to 12:00pm and will run during Terms 4 and 1 of the summer season.

The program includes instruction by qualified coaches from Balmoral Water Sports (BWS). Instruction will consist of both on-water and off-water lessons, together with participation in club and inter-club racing. All on-water activities are supported by a rescue boat, with trained operators.

The requirements for the program are as follows:

  • Prior sailing experience to at least Tackers level3, with sail and water confidence

  • BSC membership

The program is lead by a trained coach and supported by volunteers. To help support the program BSC encourages the families of junior sailors to get involved in the club and to support their child’s passion for sailing. BSC encourages at least one parent to help with the program every week.

Opportunities to assist include both on-water and off-water activities. Additionally, there are numerous social activities at the club including BBQ’s, pizza nights and prize nights.

The Junior Program is an Open Fleet. Current boats in the fleet are MJ’s and OpenBics, Windsurfers, Other boats are welcome. The club has several loaner boats for those wishing to try out these boats. Racking facilities for boat owners are available through the club.


School Sport

Our school watersports programme is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn new skills, increase their knowledge of the weather and the ocean, work as a team and it’s an exciting change from the usual school sports. We take children of all ages and have specific equipment for kids. The programmes include all equipment, buoyancy aids, wetsuits, and tuition by our experienced Australian Sailing & Royal Yachting Association instructors. There are also hot showers and changing rooms available. We also offer Tackers sailing program, which is an introductory program designed to give kids an experience of sailing. At the end of the program they receive a Certificate of Achievement. The Tackers Intro for Schools is an ideal excursion for schools where kids can combine learning about water safety alongside game-based sailing activities.

Be aware that you can’t participate in any watersport activity if you can’t swim.