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Please have a read through the information below as it will help to explain how things work out here and the way in which we approach our recruiting process.

We are a registered  Australia Sailing Center. To work at Balmoral you will need to be a qualified Water Sports instructor.  We run dinghy, windsurfing, Paddle boarding and kayaking courses for both adults and children.  If you are multi-qualified that’s even better!  

You will also need to hold a valid powerboat licence and first aid ticket.  We will need to see proof of your qualifications.

(It does not matter which governing body issued your certificates).


Our season runs from September to May with the peak season being November-February. 


To see what we regularly get up to on the water, you can take a look at our facebook  or follow us on Instagram @balmoralwatersports  (don't forget to like and share)


We are based in Sydney harbour and have a fantastic location for teaching.


  • Due to the fact that most of our instructors come from overseas, we do not offer guaranteed employment. Employment can only be offered to those people who actually make it to Australia.

  • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLETED A JOB APPLICATION FORM: here  (remember to attached Quals,pic of yourself and CV)

We understand that it is a long way to travel and there are various factors that need to be considered before you make the leap half way across the globe. The best thing for you to do is to keep in contact with us and inform us of your travel plans. So when you purchase your flights, let us know and when you get your visa, let us know. That way, we will know when you hope to arrive in Sydney and therefore we can look at getting you into our team.

  • We pay a competitive salary of $140 per day. (we also pay your tax and Super. Both of these you can claim back when you leave Australia, so a nice way to save money)

  • We do not provide accomodation. Most of our staff will live in Manly as its an awesome place for surf,bars,shops etc. It is a good idea to check into a Backpacker hostel once you arrive in Manly, from there you can choose to find an apartment or simply stay in the hostel all season. Check this link for the best Hostels in Manly: Manly Hostels


Please note – all staff positions at Balmoral Water Sports Center involve working with children and you must be prepared to undertake a ‘Working With Children Check’ once you arrive in Australia. 


Australian Work Rights – You must hold a valid work right for Australia.  The most common visa is a working holiday visa. 


Please check out the Australian immigration website for further details and to secure your visa 


Please note we DO NOT offer sponsorship.


The schools biggest asset is the staff.  You must have the desire to provide our clients with the best service and experience out on the water.  This requires hard work and commitment together with a fun-loving and friendly personality.

What's next?

If you like what you see and you are seriously considering a season out here in Australia, then as we mentioned before, please keep us informed of your travel plans. The reason we do not do interviews and guaranteed employment is due to the fact that many people fail to even make it out here. 

We would love to have the right people working with us next season, and if you feel you would like to be out here and part of our team please get in touch with us when you have confirmed your flights and visa. From that point we will know you're serious about coming over here and we can talk about employing you here at the beach!!

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