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About Us

Balmoral Water Sports Center is owned and operated by people who are passionate and knowledgeable about water sports.

We have been enthusiastically teaching people to windsurf, sail, kayak and paddleboard , and hiring equipment since 1989.

We have encouraged all ages and abilities, including our comprehensive School Term Water sports Programme and School Holiday  Camps. 

Balmoral beach is located on Sydney’s lower north shore.  Balmoral is the harbour’s premiere beach and ideal spot to catch the prevailing north-easterly sea breezes.  We are open year round but our peak season is from September through to April.  

Safety is our number one consideration.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle number two consideration.

Balmoral Water Soports Center Sydney Aus

Meet The Team

Meet The Team
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Jono & Sylvie Allen 

Jono and Sylvie Allen have been running the business here in Balmoral for the last 28 years and have built it up to the success it is today. Probably the most charismatic person you will ever meet, Jono and his brother Andrew have been involved with the Water & snow sports industry their whole life. They have both windsurfed in Maui, Fiji, Western Australia, and set up retail shop Balmoral Boards, they can still be spotted tearing up the waves along Sydney's northern beaches. Jono's wife, Sylvie is commonly known as the queen of Balmoral. She brings the team together and is always the first one to instigate our regular team social events. Between them, not only have they created a very successful business, they have created a lifestyle that any budding instructor would want to be a part of. Jono started sailing at Balmoral Sailing Club when he was 12 years old.


Max Gaubert

Max Gaubert is our centre Manager here at Balmoral. Originally from France, he started windsurfing back in 2002 at the age of 13 in the South of France.

He joined us for a season and decided to stick around because he loves the Aussie lifestyle so much. Max is an experienced windsurfer with numerous titles under his belt, including the Youth Slalom world champion (2007) and Australian Slalom champion (2017).

He has been in the Water Sports industry for many years and has been fortunate enough to travel the globe teaching and coaching to the highest level. 

Max is a real asset to our team and we are happy he decided to stick around. 


Belle Allen

Belle has worked with us since she was 10  and is now one of our best on the beach, with a lot of experience and knowledge. 


Daisy Allen

Daisy is fantastic working with the kids, giving them the best advice and top tips on improving their sailing. She comes up with the best games that really encourage the kids to socialise with each other and get more confident on the water. 



Beau, Figgy and Ozzy are 3 adorable Labradors.  They make a top welcome Commitee!!  First in the water Every time!

jana .jpg

Jana Klenke

 Manager &  trainer for Australian Sailing 

Our Values

Since 1989 we have been teaching kids in outdoor environments.  We fall under the category of Outdoor Education, so we facilitate a learning environment & encourage kids to engage with learning in an experiential and  kinaesthetic way.

We teach the kids about water safety & personal safety, marine environment, local species & conservation of our marine environment. We do this by getting down to their level & showing them how fun being outdoors can be.   

We go exploring around Hunters Bay to different secret beaches, we do treasure hunts & pirate challenges and some navigation.  We play a range of different games that focus on problem solving, team building, communication skills, critical thinking & using their bodies & minds in ways they likely haven't done so before.

We always encourage the kids to step outside their comfort zone & provide a safe space for them to face their fears.  Our instructors are taught to have empathy and good communication with the kids, and they are often caught having just as much fun playing & learning with the kids! We learn just as much from them as they do from us.

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About Balmoral Sailing Club

Balmoral Sailing Club is an open and friendly club that encourages competitive sailors of all ages and abilities.


Community, we welcome people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities and foster a sense of camaraderie and connection in all that we do.

Enjoyment, we enjoy the adventure of taking on a challenge, sharing knowledge and socialising.

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About Balmoral Sailing Club



Sam Nelmes

Sam beach manager, worked with us since 2015, fun & games every one likes Sam very experienced. 


Russell Bonner

Russ work for us under cover, very experienced  RYA Trainer, Russ keeps us up to date with all the gossip on whats happening with our opposition. 

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