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sunrise and sunset 

Explore the sea

Experience new things

Improve focus and stress



with sprinkle of mindfulness



 our connection to the Ocean, each other, and the everyday small moments

 become present to what is around us


speak and act from the now

understand ourselves, others and nature on a deeper level


move and breathe in new ways

restoring the born act of presnt we already have within us 

Sunset SUP Couple

Mindfulness paddle boarding 

lesson, groups, adventutres 

What to expect

an introduction to how to paddle board, before going in the water, and a few tips and tricks.

practices that bring us deeper into our self others and nature.


mindfulness practices.

breath work.

exploring the sea with a new lens


Sailing adventures 

Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

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kayaking Adventures 

Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

About Belle Allen

Belle Allen has been working in the watersport industry now for 7 years, and if you added her childhood, 20 years on the ocean, sailing, paddle boarding Kayaking.

With her unique and beautiful relationship with the ocean, her confidence and peace with the ocean feels contagious.


Over the last 5 years, she has become fascinated by mindfulness practices such as yoga, tai-chi and meditation of all sorts of forms. What it feels and means to be in our own authentic body.


On a constant journey, she is enthusiastic about sharing and merging her ocean knowledge and deep love for it, with her techniques and practices of mindfulness. The combining of these two worlds to quiet the mind, be more still, and connected deeply to ourselves.


Contact Belle 


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